RFK Jr. Flips The Script on CNBC: “We Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipeline”

CNBC: “They [Germany] are freaking out because they need our gas.” KENNEDY: “Yeah, they’re freaking out because we blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, and we deindustrialized Germany. What are we doing in Ukraine? Let’s make peace over there. Let’s get Russian gas back into Europe so that we can reindustrialize Germany, and reindustrialize Europe. […]

RFK Jr. Drops Truth Bomb on CNBC: “The Mexican Drug Cartel Is Running America’s Immigration Policy”

“Who can say that that’s a good thing?” he asked. “The people who are coming over have been exploited, extorted, robbed, raped. They come over here; they’re exploited by — they can’t work legally. They’re exploited by unscrupulous employers who are paying $6 or $8 an hour. And those employers, contractors in New York City, […]