Dr. Sabine Hazan on How Her Clinical Trials on COVID Early Treatment Were Sabotaged During the Pandemic

“My clinical trials companies were also banned and censored from advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remember, I do clinical trials for a living and never as a clinical trial doctor have I not been able to advertise to recruit for a trial on social media…It is nearly impossible to publish data that goes against […]

Genomics Expert Kevin McKernan Schools the ‘Fact Checkers’ on DNA Contamination in COVID mRNA Vaccines

“The ‘fact checkers’ have been continually wrong throughout the last year this has gone on…First, they claimed it wasn’t there. Now the FDA and the regulators have admitted it’s in fact there. Then they claimed it wouldn’t get into the cells. We’ve now shown that is in fact the case. As expected, anything that’s inside […]