• By Corey Lynn and The Sharp Edge A steady descent into financial tyranny is taking place one step at a time, as major banks continue to target customers based on their beliefs. JPMorgan Chase is listed among a host of financial institutions as “high risk” for cancelling or denying services based on views or beliefs, according to a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting consumers and businesses from woke capitalism. The latest victims of this debanking trend are Dr. Mercola, his business associates, and their family members.  The following excerpt of Dr. Mercola’s article titled “Chase Shuts Down Bank Accounts of Mercola and Key Employees,” outlines the cancellations of personal and business accounts by JPMorgan Chase with little to no explanation provided. “July 13, 2023, JPMorgan Chase Bank suddenly informed me they are closing all of my business accounts, both banking and investment accounts, along with the personal accounts of my CEO, my CFO and their respective spouses and children. No reason for the decision was given, other than there was ‘unexpected activity’ on an unspecified account. The oldest of these accounts has been active for 18 years. Politically-Motivated Harassment This is what the new social credit system looks like, and what every soul on the planet can expect from the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) that are being rolled out. Go against the prevailing narrative of the day, and your financial life will be deleted with the push of a button. It’s difficult enough trying to navigate this hurdle today. Once everything is digitized, cash eradicated and the social credit system completely integrated and automated, this kind of retaliatory action for wrongthink could be a death sentence for some people. My CFO, Amalia Legaspi, whose Chase accounts — including a joint account with her husband — were closed along with mine, is now struggling to figure out how to pay for her husband’s health care in the Philippines. He’s bedridden with dementia and is wholly dependent on her financial support, and she’s not allowed to open another bank account in his name. ‘I have to provide all the legal documentations including notarized physicians’ affidavit from the Philippines to prove that my husband is incapable of handling his finances and request the Federal to directly deposit the pension to my own personal account,’ Legaspi told Florida’s Voice. Legaspi’s son’s account — which he’s using to pay for college expenses — was also cancelled. My CEO, Steven Rye, believes his and his wife’s accounts were shut down because of my opinions on COVID-19. He told Florida’s Voice: ‘I believe they cancelled all of the accounts because of Dr. Mercola’s (our employer) opinions. He has carried a contradictory view throughout the COVID narrative and co-authored the best-selling book ‘The Truth About COVID-19,’ which exposed the likelihood that this virus was engineered in a laboratory funded by the NIH.’ In May 2023, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation specifically prohibiting financial institutions from denying or canceling services based on political or religious beliefs. Apparently, Chase Bank is bowing to some other ‘authority,’ and perhaps they refuse to cite a specific reason for the cancellation, ‘for legal reasons,’ is because they know they’re acting unlawfully. Generational Punishment for Wrongthink On top of closing the accounts of Rye and his wife, Rye also was told his young children will not be able to open accounts with Chase Bank. ‘It’s just hard to believe that your family, your wife, your kids can’t have a bank account because of the opinions of your employer and they’ve never done anything wrong. We all have completely clear records,’ Rye told Florida’s Voice. In a voicemail reply, a Chase Bank representative told Rye the reason for closing his personal accounts and that of his wife could not be disclosed ‘for legal reasons.’ He was, however, told he could submit paperwork to have their accounts reconsidered. ‘We are going to try because you’re a good client of our institution,’ the representative said.” Florida’s Anti-ESG Law Debanking Dr. Mercola, his employees, and their family members for “wrongthink” is not only outrageous, but it’s also illegal.  Thanks to Anti-ESG legislation signed into law in May, financial institutions operating in the state of Florida are prohibited “from discriminating against customers for their religious, political, or social beliefs.”  Furthermore, the financial sector is banned from “considering so-called ‘Social Credit Scores’ in banking and lending practices that aim to prevent Floridians from obtaining loans, lines of credit, and bank accounts.” Provisions of the new Florida statute, which took effect on July 1, 2023, will be enforced “to the fullest extent of the law” and banks that violate these provisions will be subject to sanctions and penalties.  As Dr. Mercola noted, JPMorgan Chase Bank informed him of the account closures on July 13, 2023, after the new law was put into action. JPMorgan Chase’s History of Debanking & Lawsuits The flagrant discrimination Dr. Mercola and his associates experienced is not unique.  In fact, 19 state attorneys general have put JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Chase) on notice for allegedly disenfranchising customers who hold religious, social, or political beliefs that are antithetical to the bank’s ‘woke’ ideology. Despite Chase’s own public statements that, “No form of discrimination, harassment, inappropriate or abusive conduct is tolerated by or against employees, customers, vendors, contractors or any other individuals who conduct business with JPMorgan Chase,” attorneys general in 19 Republican states assert that the financial institution “de-banked a preeminent religious liberty organization.  And this was not an anomaly, as there have been at least two other similar incidents.” JPMorgan Chase is accused of cancelling, without explanation, the account of a religious nonprofit organization known as the National Committee for Religious Freedom.  As a condition to reinstate the account, the bank then demanded a list of the nonprofit’s donors. Additionally, the Missouri state treasurer’s office threatened to stop doing business with JPMorgan Chase after the bank’s WePay system denied payment processing for a conservative group known as the Defense of Liberty.  The bank reversed course only after the public backlash brought on by the Missouri state treasurer. The nation’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase, is no stranger to lawsuits over its unethical and discriminatory practices.  Since 2000, the financial institution has paid out nearly $39 billion in penalties. In two of the bank’s largest payouts totaling more than $18 billion, JPMorgan Chase was accused of deceptively representing the quality of mortgage loans the institution sold, which significantly contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. Countless lawsuits over the years have proven a pattern of deceptive and unethical practices by the largest banking institution in the United States, which is now weaponized against customers who hold beliefs that contradict the establishment narrative. JPMorgan Chase’s Blatant Double Standard & Ties To Criminals While JPMorgan Chase has repeatedly cancelled customers based on their religious, social and political beliefs, the financial giant gave criminals with political connections a pass.  Just last month, JPMorgan Chase reached a $290 million settlement with Jeffrey Epstein’s victims who accused the financial institution of not only turning a “blind eye” to Epstein’s activities but facilitating his child sex trafficking enterprise.  The suit against JPMorgan Chase accused the bank of skirting federal laws while reaping the benefits of providing the convicted child predator financial services for years.  Despite the fact that JPMorgan Chase tracked suspicious transfers over nearly a decade between Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, amounting to over $30 million, the bank maintained ties with Jeffrey Epstein until just a few months before his death in 2019. A separate lawsuit by the US Virgin Islands has revealed that the former CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jes Staley, “had a close personal relationship with Epstein” and that the disgraced banker exchanged around 1,200 emails with the convicted pedophile.  The suit alleges that the emails “even suggest that Staley may have been involved in Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation.”  Staley has been accused by one victim of using “aggressive force in his sexual assault” of her and informing the victim “that he had Epstein’s permission to do what he wanted to her.” Aside from JPMorgan Chase’s disturbing ties to Jeffrey Epstein, the corrupt bank also provided financial services for Hunter Biden and his associates.  The House Oversight Committee recently subpoenaed four major financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, for records in relation to their investigation of the Bidens’ influence peddling scheme.  The nonprofit watchdog, Marco Polo, has released a trove of pictures and documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop, including five Suspicious Activity Reports from JPMorgan Chase, which indicate that the bank was fully aware of the criminal activity surrounding Hunter Biden and his associates.  One Suspicious Activity Report flagged financial activity by Hunter Biden and his law firm, Owasco, for possible connections to human trafficking.  The Suspicious Activity Reports raised red flags on financial activity by Hunter Biden and his associates dating back to 2014, though Hunter Biden continued to maintain an account with the bank until 2017. The troubling connections between JPMorgan Chase and criminals like Jeffrey Epstein illustrate a blatant double standard.  While JPMorgan Chase has consistently targeted customers for their religious, social and political beliefs, the bank maintained questionable ties with known criminals. Their End Game The actions by JPMorgan Chase against Dr. Mercola and his associates follows a disturbing trend by all major financial institutions to cancel voices of dissent to the established narrative on a range of topics from Covid mRNA injections to election integrity, resembling the social credit system of Communist China. Corrupt financial institutions are colluding with globalist organizations through public-private partnerships to transform society and initiate a Great Reset of the global financial system.  Their end game is to install a worldwide system of social credit, digital IDs, CBDCs, and tokenized assets under the central banks and Bank for International Settlements, all of which are protected by immunities and shielded from accountability by the public. As Dr. Mercola’s article stated, “That’s our future, unless we all refuse to play along. It’s crucial to reject CBDCs and to do everything in your power to not enter into that system. The life and freedom of your children and grandchildren depend on it. Your actions today will shape the future of your descendants, perhaps in perpetuity.” Subscribe to Corey’s Digs so you don’t miss a Dig!

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  • “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.”~ Thomas Jefferson Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subsc…

  • By John Klar Creative new website offers wealth of detailed information. I am excited to share a new website which is devoted to educating people about the truth of what is happening in the world, especially efforts toward global control or government: Door to Freedom focuses on efforts by global organizations to reduce protections for individual rights and sovereign nations in the name of rescuing them from health, climate, and other social crises. Door to Freedom has been launched “to help people make sense of a rapidly changing world, and inform them of efforts by the W.H.O. to govern public health worldwide.” Created and orchestrated by Dr. Meryl Nass, the site employs a group of seasoned writers trained in varying disciplines to focus on specific policy areas. As you might expect, I have contributed in the area of food (and cows!). In my contribution to Dr. Nass’s new endeavor, I focused on globalist efforts to dominate food production and processing, which is why there is a growing push to eradicate all cows. Though you may visit Door to Freedom for the full article, here is an excerpt: “The WEF, UN and other international entities have targeted the amount of meat humans consume and claim that a major reduction in the number of livestock is necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. ….The world’s largest food producers, processors, and retail sellers are joined with governments and NGOs through the WHO, UN, WEF, and a plethora of interconnected organizations, all focused on reducing or eliminating livestock.  They want humans to convert to a state-directed diet comprised instead of synthetic meats, insects, and other food substitutes manufactured by these companies. Many question whether this group of global industrialists and politicians will “improve the state of the world,” but there is no question that their intention is to consolidate and control global food production and distribution, thereby improving the state of member corporations’ profits. GMO crops and related chemical applications will be increased under pretense of climate rescue; synthetic meats will be favored in government food programs; small farms will be shuttered.” You are invited to read the full discussion of cows and food control at Door to Freedom, but also to learn about a long list of subjects of importance, most of which are interconnected—through the WHO and other global organizations overseen by wealthy corporate “stakeholders” and no elected representatives…. So please invest some time reviewing this new resource, and share it with others! Subscribe to Corey’s Digs so you don’t miss a Dig!

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  • by The Sharp Edge We’ve all heard the infamous World Economic Forum phrase “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”  But how do global elites and central bankers intend to roll out this diabolical scheme?  Well, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) mapped it out in their recently published report on a proposed “unified ledger” called, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.” Control of All Assets In simple terms, the BIS’ blueprint proposes that all private property in the real world, such as money, houses, cars, etc., would be “tokenised” into digital assets within an “everything in one place” global unified ledger. CBDCs would be “core to the functioning” of this tokenised world and serve as the reserve currency on the unified ledger. Transactions between CBDCs and tokenised assets, which represent real-world assets, would operate seamlessly through smart contracts on one programmable platform. Each token representing a real-world asset in this digital space would contain a large amount of data received from the real world in real time about what it is, who it belongs to, etc., as well as rules on how that particular asset can and cannot be used.  The BIS explains how these rules are set up by “directly embedding supervisory features into the token itself, which can be tailored to specific rules.” The main takeaway of this BIS blueprint is that whatever happens in their dystopian digital world, has legally binding impacts on assets in the real world.  So, maybe the WEF’s catch phrase should be “You may own digital tokens, but we will control the real assets.” Control of All Information The “data environment” of this unified ledger would encompass all the tokenized assets plus “all information necessary to incorporate real-world events into any contingent performance of actions.”  That’s a broad statement.  We can only assume this means that the unified ledger wouldn’t just store tokenised versions of every piece of private property on the planet, but every piece of information from real-world events that could possibly impact assets or transactions on the global unified ledger. What kinds of information from the real world would be entered into this global database?  We can only imagine.  But the BIS does suggest that information stored and shared on this unified ledger could “enhance financial inclusion” by providing “disadvantaged segments of the population such as racial minorities,” with alternative forms of credit by using “non-traditional data,” a feature that ominously compares to a social credit system. Control of All People International organizations are coordinating to accelerate their plans for this global CBDC platform that centralizes control over all assets, information, and people.  On the same day that the BIS blueprint was released, June 20, 2023, Kristalina Georgieva, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revealed that the U.N. financial institution is “working hard on the concept of a global CBDC platform.”  The timing of this announcement by the head of the IMF, coinciding with the BIS blueprint, is no coincidence.  Georgieva remarked, “We used to say before the pandemic that the future was digital.  With the pandemic, the future arrived.  We now have an accelerated transformation.” Financial expert George Gammon remarked, “The global elite have just revealed their Marxist agenda to control your life.”  Gammon added, “I don’t think most people can really grasp the type of power they would have.”  In this must-watch video, George Gammon breaks down the full BIS blueprint into plain language, including what it is, why it’s terrifying, and what you can do about it. “We are talking about a process of extreme financial repression, where they assert control of 100% of all real assets,” remarked Catherine Austin Fitts in the second half of a recent Financial Rebellion episode. Fitts added that a unified ledger connected to a CBDC system is “so frightening because there’s only one way to achieve that, and that’s with massive slavery and mind control.”  Fitts also strongly believes that many of the efforts “to constrain our health freedoms” would be tied to this global unified ledger and “implemented by controlling transactions.”  Catherine Austin Fitts highly recommended two Solari reports, under additional resources below, for more information about what financial transaction freedom means, what threatens it, and what we can do to prevent it from being taken away.  Additional Resources Financial Transaction Freedom – The Solari Report I Want to Stop CBDCs – What Can I Do? – The Solari Report, Corey’s Digs Financial Takeover and Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee, and The Federal Reserve, Corey’s Digs The Rise & Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies – Corey’s Digs National Strategy to Develop Distributed Ledger Technology for Digital ID Tucked into 2023 Defense Budget, Corey’s Digs The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 1 – Corey’s Digs The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 2 – Corey’s Digs The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 3 – Corey’s Digs The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4 – Corey’s Digs Subscribe to Corey’s Digs so you don’t miss a Dig!

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  • By The Sharp Edge It’s easy to see that the culture war taking over the West, under the banner of pride, represents much more than diversity, equity, inclusion, sexual preference, or gender identity.  Unraveling the many layers of pride may reveal how much deeper it goes.  Social Engineering On the surface, it’s clear that we have been inundated with pride propaganda from every angle.  Though the symbol of pride claims to represent the marginalized and oppressed, this cultural revolution has the full endorsement of nearly every mainstream media outlet, social media site, major corporation, financial institution, government agency, intergovernmental organization, medical establishment, and educational institution.   This synchronized operation claiming tolerance for outsiders, has relentlessly forced its way into every aspect of society with zero tolerance for criticism of the established narrative, effectively creating a new class of outcasts.  Those who dare to diverge from acceptable groupthink are marked as “hateful,” “homophobic” or “transphobic.”  A campaign so coordinated can only be described as social engineering designed to program and indoctrinate the population into compliance and conformity, particularly for the most vulnerable among us – the children. Though the fallout has been severe, the effectiveness of this social engineering program is beginning to wear off and a counter movement is building.  Parents continue to speak out at school boards.  Kids are rebelling against pride indoctrination.  And pride campaigns for Bud Light, Target and other companies have received severe backlash from the public.  Rise of Mental Illness Delving deeper, the impacts of social engineering and psychological warfare become clear.  Rates of depression in the United States have reached new highs, especially for women and young people.  Suicide and homicide rates among youth have climbed to a 20-year high.  And contrary to the established narrative, allowing minors access to gender treatments without parental consent may actually increase youth suicides, as one study shows. Coupled with the spike in mental illnesses, gender dysphoria diagnoses are dramatically on the rise.  As many as 70% or more of adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria were previously diagnosed with mental illnesses.  New diagnoses of kids ages 6 to 17 nearly tripled in the U.S. from 2017 to 2021. The number of new diagnoses for children in the U.S. in 2021 alone saw a 70% spike over the previous year.  The world’s largest pediatric gender clinic, the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock in Britain, saw a 5000% jump in gender dysphoric teenage girls over a seven year period.  High numbers of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria at Tavistock had histories of sexual abuse.  And Tavistock buried their research findings that around 35% of their gender dysphoric patients exhibited “moderate or severe autistic traits.” Multibillion Dollar Medicalization Industry Drilling down further, it becomes evident who stands to gain from the rise in gender dysphoria diagnoses.  There are billions to be made by funneling children and adults into lifelong medicalization programs involving endless rounds of drugs and surgeries.  The estimated market value of sex reassignment surgeries in the U.S. reached 2.1 billion dollars in 2022, with projections climbing to 5 billion dollars by 2030.  The number of gender clinics treating children in the United States expanded from zero to over 100 in the past 15 years.  Planned Parenthood has quickly become a leader in the gender transition industry, offering services in 239 clinics across the country in 2022.  Money is clearly a motive for this disturbing trend, but to say it is the “root” of this evil would deny how much deeper it goes. Coercion, Manipulation & Lies A deeper look reveals that the swelling numbers of transitioning youth are due, in part, to authorities and medical institutions forcing compliance of doctors, under threat of retribution, for “medically necessary” transgender treatments deemed to be “safe and effective” for mental healthcare and suicide prevention. Scores of activists posing as medical professionals ignore underlying mental health issues and rubber-stamp gender dysphoria letters so that confused young people may receive transgender treatments covered by insurance.  This industry built on manipulation and lies targets the most vulnerable, the young and mentally unwell.  Parents are often emotionally blackmailed to believe that they must go along with the program, or they will be responsible for their child’s suicide.  Patients are offered only one solution which promises to be a “cure” to their mental health issues through a lifetime of barbaric and dangerous treatments.  Patients aren’t informed of the studies that found about 80% to 95% of gender dysphoric kids desist following puberty, or that transgender people are 19 times more likely than their peers to commit suicide years after surgery.  They’re not warned about the irreversible damage to their bodies, or the growing number of detransitioners plagued with regret, which may be about 30% in the U.S. by some estimations, a rate much higher than the 1% rate of regret that patients are often told. Detransitioners are awakening to the lies that left them horrifically mutilated, scarred, and sterilized.  Lawsuits are mounting against those who fostered the abuse.  Mired in scandal and lawsuits, the world’s largest pediatric gender clinic at the Tavistock is shutting down.  Health authorities in the UK, Finland, Sweden and Norway have put severe restrictions on hormonal interventions for gender dysphoric patients.  And legislation in U.S. states to protect minors from dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries is gaining momentum, setting new records in 2023. Eugenics, Sterilization & Depopulation While this awakening offers a glimmer of hope for the future, we can’t ignore an even darker agenda lurking beneath.  Some organizations, institutions, and states that are deeply involved in the sterilization of gender dysphoric children, have histories steeped in eugenics, depopulation, and social engineering.  One of the leading advocates for gender transitions, Planned Parenthood, was literally founded upon the ideas of eugenics, sterilization and depopulation of “the unfit,” which included the mentally ill.  The Tavistock Clinic has also recently been accused of practicing eugenics through monstrous gender transitions of children with disabilities and mental illnesses.  Yet, the clinic’s well-documented history of social engineering, psychological warfare, and mind control, in connection with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, rarely enters the current transgender conversation.  And California, a sanctuary state for the sterilization of gender dysphoric children was also the leading state to force sterilizations on 20,000 “undesirable” members of society, many of whom suffered from mental illnesses.  California’s eugenical sterilization program was so effective, that the Nazi’s “modeled their law on California’s law.”  The language may have changed over time to brainwash the public into believing it’s an empowering human right, nonetheless an agenda to sterilize “undesirable” members of society has remained. Normalization of Pedophilia As we continue to unravel the many layers of pride, we are faced with the realization of another sinister motive – the normalization of pedophilia.  Concepts of gender theory, sexuality of children, and commonly used terms within the pride movement, are based on the works of fraudsters and quacks who promoted pedophilia. The father of modern gender theory, John Money, sexually abused children in his experiments.  Money, whose gender theory has been widely adopted based on completely falsified claims of his experiments’ success, openly advocated for the normalization of pedophilia through his work on “chronophilia” which described sexual attraction between different age groups including children.  He promoted the “unrestricted enjoyment of erotica and sex in childhood,” and stated that pornographic images should be used in sex education for children. The father of the sexual revolution, Alfred Kinsey, was a sadistic bi-sexual, who facilitated the sexual abuse of children and infants as young as 5 months old as part of his “scientific” studies to support his theory that children are sexual beings from birth.  His “research,” designed to mainstream sexual deviancy and undermine traditional sexual norms, was based on data collected from sexual psychopaths, imprisoned sex offenders, and prostitutes.  Kinsey’s abusive and fraudulent work provided the foundation for sex education programs today. Even the origins of the terms “cis” and “cisgender,” which is considered by some to be a slur against straight people, can be attributed to a German pedophile enabler and sexologist by the name of Volkmar Sigusch, who claimed “The sensuality that unfolds spontaneously between a child and an adult is something beautiful,” adding that “There is nothing wrong with pedophilia in the sense of the word, that is, with liking, even loving children.  It only becomes problematic when the power imbalance between the child and the adult is exploited by the adult pedosexual.” Sigusch and other sociologists and psychologists influenced criminal law reform in Germany in their 1970 testimony before Parliament, in which they “declared that children would not suffer from sexual relations with adults and that those relations should not be punished, because they are a ‘crime without a victim.’”  Their theories on sexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia are creeping into therapy, academia, schoolbooks, classrooms, and sex education programs for young children today. The sexualization of children and normalization of pedophilia masquerading as pride has emboldened predators while endangering children. Destabilization of National, Societal & Family Structures As we untangle the twisted scheme underpinning the banner of pride, a plan to destabilize national, societal, and family structures emerges.  In their place, a totalitarian global governance is rising, imposing allegiance to a blend of neo-Marxist and fascist ideologies.  Mandates handed down by unelected globalists in the name of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” force captured agencies, institutions, and corporations to fall in line.  This insidious ideology promises that “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy,” while, under the symbol of pride, your kids become “our kids.” Authoritarians united under this destructive ideology seek to strip the rights of parents and deliver control of children to the state.  In some places, this is already becoming a reality. Hiding behind “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” the global totalitarian regime taking form seeks to destroy all challenges to its authority, including national sovereignty, traditional values, family bonds, and – above all – faith, as it aims to become the ultimate power, the ultimate parent, and the ultimate overlord. Subversion of Faith After all the layers have been stripped away, the true essence of this culture war is laid bare.  At its center, this is a spiritual battle for the soul of every nation, man, woman, and child. The revolution taking over the West aims to subvert traditional faiths, invert spiritual beliefs, and in their place, manifest a cult of pride.  Their zealots mock deeply held religious beliefs, demand conversion to their cult, and condemn disbelievers as heretics. After the many layers of pride are peeled away, a simple truth comes to light.  Though pride has been rebranded as a virtue, for thousands of years it has been regarded as a deadly sin that goes before disgrace, destruction, and a fall.  Related Reading Exploiting Transgenders – 4 part series with extensive timeline, medical origins, funders & profiteers CUT: Daughters of The West – Documentary film by Simon Esler Subscribe to Corey’s Digs so you don’t miss a Dig!

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  • “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”~ Nikola Tesla Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited t…

  • Human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry, and millions of children are preyed upon. The United States is one of the top countries for sex trafficking, one of the largest consumers of child porn, and is also one of the largest consumers and originators of child trafficking. It is a source and transit country while the government continues to allow the flow of millions through the borders. This is a major issue that needs far more attention, which is why Corey’s Digs has produced over a dozen reports pertaining to child trafficking, including reports on organ harvesting, Disney connections, church pedophiles and trafficking nests, several on Jeffrey Epstein here, here, and here, Peter Nygard, taking down the kingpin of child porn, Clinton ties to numerous convicted pedophiles, child welfare agencies, the sexualization of children, as well as hunting the hunters which provides a breakdown of tracking these nests so that people will be more observant, vigilant, and outspoken. Gaining exposure to this atrocity is critical in preventing these trafficking rings and protecting children, and it is our hope that the release of this movie will help bring more awareness and shine a light on this darkness. Sound of Freedom is a film based on the true story of a federal agent who rescues children from the evils of sex trafficking.  In the film, the agent saves a boy from traffickers and embarks on a harrowing mission to rescue the boy’s sister.  Jim Caviezel, most known for his role as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, plays the lead role of former Department of Homeland Security agent, Tim Ballard.  The film warns that child trafficking “is the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen.  It has already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it’s going to pass the drug trade.” “An estimated 2 million children are trafficked every year and we can help them,” Caviezel explains.  “We know this is heartbreaking and it hurts to look at, but the first step in helping these children is hearing their story.  Not enough people know this problem exists, and even fewer people are willing to do anything about it.” The Sound of Freedom team has set a goal for 2 million people to attend the film’s opening weekend on July 4th, representing the 2 million children trafficked worldwide each year.  “If millions of us come together today to see this film, we could propel the movement to help save millions of children around the world and you can send the message that God’s children are no longer for sale.” Appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Caviezel reflected on his role in the film stating, “This is the most important film.  This is why movies were supposed to be made.  This is why I wanted to become an actor.  I wanted to do things to bring the light on evil.  And this is a perfect good versus evil film.” Jim Caviezel worked with a team of former federal agents and Navy SEALS during the filming of this movie in Columbia.  Remarkably, he described a child trafficking rescue mission by Tim Ballard’s team that took place while they were filming.  “While we were down there filming… I had a really great team around me, but all of a sudden, they disappeared.  They saved 200 children in the middle of this whole thing.” Criticizing the powers in media, Washington, federal agencies, the banking system, and the “bloodlines” who refuse to address the growing crisis of child trafficking, Caviezel remarked, “It’s a giant octopus… And I think the octopus head has a lot to do with the children.” “It’s definitely my opinion that this is something they don’t want to solve,” he remarked, “and so it’s going to take the public to put the light on it.” Caviezel added, “The people are the ones who have got to say, ‘Enough!’ and that’s what will drive this whole thing.  It’s the people.” You can purchase tickets here for the July 4th showing in theatres throughout America, or pay it forward, providing tickets for others to watch the film and spread the word about this vitally important cause. Subscribe to Corey’s Digs so you don’t miss a Dig!

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  • A few weeks ago I decided to go explore something after discovering I’m sitting in the middle of a field of radiation whirling about the sky above. I did a search through to see how many cell towers and antennas were in a 3-mil…

  • “Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”~ James Baldwin Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! B…

  • By The Sharp Edge 1. What are the different terms used for DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics? Not all genetic technologies used in veterinary medicine fall under the categories of “mRNA vaccines” or “mRNA gene therapies.”  There are other terms to look out for when it comes to genetic technologies for veterinary medicine.  These terms also include: “RNA Particle Technology” “RNA Particle Platform” “DNA Vaccine” “DNA Immunostimulant” “Prescription Platform Product” 2. How do DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics work? With SEQUIVITY’s RNA Particle Technology, a “gene of interest provides instructions” to the immune cells which “translate the sequence into proteins” that “act as antigens.” This triggers an immune response. As for AgriLab’s ExactVac DNA technology, “the vaccine is produced by splicing a gene for a specific antigen” into “a bacterial plasmid” which “is then multiplied, purified and administered” for “delivery into target cells, where antigens produced by the plasmid elicit an immune response.”  Bayer’s Zelnate DNA immunostimulant is “made up of a special type of immunostimulatory DNA surrounded by a lipid carrier or liposome” which is then “engulfed by the animal’s immune cell” where the “liposome breaks down exposing the DNA” and the “pathogen-associated molecular pattern” of the DNA “attaches to the immune cell’s toll-like receptors triggering activation of the immune cell.” 3. Which agency approves veterinary biologics? The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and their Center for Veterinary Biologics is responsible for approving veterinary biological products including vaccines and DNA or RNA-based biologics. Here are the lists of the currently licensed veterinary biological products and biologics for aquatic animals. 4. Which DNA or RNA-based biologics have been approved for food animals? There are several DNA and RNA-based genetic technologies that have received USDA approval or conditional approval for use on chickens, cows, fish, and pigs as outlined below. Chickens In September 2015, Harrisvaccines received a USDA conditional license for an RNA-based avian influenza vaccine. Harrisvaccines “employs their unique SirraVaxSM RNA Particle (RP) technology platform” which can be updated to match current and future avian flu strains. In October 2015, Harrisvaccines was awarded a USDA stockpile contract of 48 million doses of their “pioneering RNA particle vaccine.”  In November 2015, Merck acquired Harrisvaccines. In November 2017, AgriLabs received USDA conditional approval for “the first DNA vaccine ever licensed for chickens” for avian flu using “AgriLabs’ ExactVac DNA technology with ENABL adjuvant.”  In January 2018, Huvepharma acquired AgriLabs.  Huvepharma’s DNA-based avian influenza vaccine has a conditional license on APHIS’s most recent list of approved veterinary biological products. Cows Bayer’s Zelnate DNA Immunostimulant received USDA approval for use against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in January 2014. Zelnate is the “first-of-its-kind” DNA immunostimulant that is a genetic technology rather than a vaccine or antibiotic.  Bayer’s DNA immunostimulant is on APHIS’s most recent list of approved veterinary biological products. Fish Elanco’s Apex IHN DNA vaccine for salmonids against Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHNV) has received USDA approval and is on APHIS’s most recent list of licensed biologics for aquatic animals.  Elanco’s DNA technology uses “relevant genetic components of the virus” that are inserted into a plasmid and injected into the muscle, after which the plasmid “instructs cells to produce antigens, which initiate an immune response.”   Pigs In June 2014, Harrisvaccines became the first in the nation to receive USDA conditional licensing for their RNA-based PEDv vaccine for pigs.  In November 2015, Merck acquired Harrisvaccines.  Merck’s “RNA particle platform” for Coronavirus and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Vaccine (PEDv) has conditional approval by the USDA and this product has conditional licensing on APHIS’s most recent list of veterinary biological products. In December 2017, AgriLabs received USDA approval for a DNA-based swine flu vaccine.  In January 2018, Huvepharma acquired AgriLabs.  Huvepharma’s ExactVac DNA-based swine flu vaccine is on APHIS’s most recent list of approved veterinary biological products. In 2020, Huvepharma’s DNA-based vaccine platform for pigs received USDA approval as a “prescription platform product” so that the “manufacturer may update the gene insert in this vaccine under expedited procedures to respond to emerging needs.” Huvepharma’s DNA-based swine vaccine platform has conditional licensing as a prescription product on APHIS’s most recent list of approved veterinary biological products. In 2020 and 2021, Merck’s Sequivity RNA vaccines for strains of swine influenza, which use “RNA particle technology,” were approved by the USDA and are on APHIS’s most recent list of approved veterinary biological products. Also in 2021, Merck’s RNA particle technology, for use as a “prescription platform product,” was conditionally approved by the USDA and has conditional licensing on APHIS’s most recent list of veterinary biological products. 5. Is there ongoing research into DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics? There are a number of ongoing studies on DNA and RNA-based genetic technologies for veterinary medicine, as outlined below. Bayer Partners with BioNTech to Develop mRNA Vaccines, Drugs for Animal Health, May 2016 Development of a Self-amplifying mRNA Vaccine for African Swine Fever and Classical Swine Fever, Start Date: Jun 1, 2021, End Date: May 31, 2024 Development of mRNA-based Vaccines for Heterosubtypic Protection Against Infectious Bronchitis and Infectious Laryngotracheitis Viruses, Start Date: Oct 1, 2021, End Date: Sep 30, 2023 mRNA Vaccine Development for Emerging Animal and Zoonotic Diseases, February 2022 Novel mRNA Vaccine Technology for Prevention of Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Start Date Oct 1, 2021, End Date Sep 30, 2026 Novel Vaccine Technologies in Veterinary Medicine: A Herald to Human Medicine Vaccines, April 2021 Vaccines to Reduce Salmonella Infantis in Chickens, Start Date: Sep 1, 2022, End Date: Oct 1, 2024 6. Is it possible for mRNA vaccines in livestock to contaminate meat, dairy or egg products? According to a recent Epoch Times report, a 2014 USDA presentation on Vaccination for Contagious Diseases states that food animals receiving vaccines are subject to “mandatory withdrawal periods prior to slaughter for human consumption. Animals may not be sent to market until the withdrawal time has elapsed. During the mandatory withdrawal time vaccinated animals or products from vaccinated animals may not enter the food chain.  The withdrawal time is determined by the country in which the vaccine is licensed and stated in the product license.”  As the Epoch Times report notes, the USDA recognizes that there must be a waiting time between vaccination and slaughter for human consumption due to risks of contaminating the food supply.  The USDA presentation does not, however, acknowledge DNA or RNA-based biologics, but the same standard of waiting times likely applies, as evidenced by Merck’s RNA vaccine for pigs, which states “Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter.”  However, Dr. Peter McCullough notes that mRNA technology “is far more durable than we ever could’ve imagined.  It lasts in the human body for months unchanged.”  Therefore, even with standard wait times, Dr. McCullough believes it is conceivable that mRNA technology administered to food animals could contaminate the food supply. With that said, the Epoch Times report found “zero peer-reviewed studies looking into the transmissibility of mRNA vaccines from livestock to humans via either milk or meat.”  Dr. Peter McCullough has warned that developers of novel vaccine technologies for veterinary medicine are “blinded with infatuation for molecular biology and have lost sight of biological product safety in the food supply” adding that they have failed to acknowledge the “possibility of collateral impact to humans.”  In addition, Dr. McCullough has raised concerns regarding transmissibility based on a recent study which loaded cow’s milk with mRNA, and by consuming the milk, mice were successfully administered a Covid vaccine.  Dr. McCullough points out the “considerable ethical issues” this research presents, with a large segment of the public having “strong objections to mRNA in the food supply, particularly if it was done surreptitiously or with minimal labelling/warnings.”  7. Are there labeling requirements for meats, dairy or eggs that may have been contaminated by DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics? The required labeling for meat, dairy and egg products is not transparent about possible exposure to DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics.  The USDA does, however, require “Bioengineered” labeling for foods that “contain detectable genetic material that has been modified through certain lab techniques and cannot be created through conventional breeding or found in nature.”  It is unclear whether the USDA’s testing process for “detectable genetic material” is capable of picking up traces of genetic material from biologics used in veterinary medicine. Moreover, the USDA’s “Organic” labeling does appear to permit vaccines for livestock used for meat, dairy and eggs, though the requirements state that animals must not be given hormones or antibiotics.  A 2013 Agricultural Marketing Service document states that “organic livestock must be: – Produced without genetic engineering.”  However, the same document goes on to say that “Only a few drugs, such as vaccines, are allowed” for organically raised livestock. Furthermore, in many cases, labeling is not clear about the country from which meats originate. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) requirements were dropped for beef and pork in 2016.  COOL requirements remain in place for lamb, goat, chicken, and fish.  Additionally, USDA regulations on meat, poultry and eggs have enabled “Product of USA” labeling for animals born and raised in other countries and only processed in the U.S.  However, in March 2023, the USDA proposed a new rule to restrict labeling for “Product of USA” or “Made in the USA” to be used on “meat, poultry and egg products only when they are derived from animals born, raised, slaughtered and processed in the United States.” 8. Which organizations are behind this agenda? According to a Corey’s Digs report, Codex Alimentarius was established by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the WHO, for “the sole purpose of setting the standards and guidelines for all food that is consumed by human beings.”  The report states that Codex does not have the authority to make laws, “so the 189 country members, 20 of which are heads of the various committees, take these ‘standards’ and create regulations and laws in their respective country. The USDA, for example, is a driving force for not only adhering to the standards, but making certain other countries follow in lock step as well.”  Codex Alimentarius plays “a key role” in the implementation of new technologies within food standards, including “genetic editing” and “nanotechnology applications in the food sector” as well as “alternative food proteins.” 9. What are lawmakers, producers and concerned citizens doing to protect against contamination of the food supply from mRNA vaccines? Lawmakers have proposed legislation in Arizona, Idaho, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas to prohibit mRNA in meats or to require disclosure in food labeling.  While legislation in Missouri and Idaho failed, efforts to block mRNA vaccines in livestock remain ongoing in other states. A trade group, known as The Beef Initiative, has pledged that their Beef Box producers will not “use any mRNA vaccines in their livestock.” Over 100 producers are partnered with The Beef Initiative and can be found here. Attorney Tom Renz has spearheaded the movement by states for transparency and disclosure of mRNA gene therapies in the food supply.  Renz helped to draft Missouri’s HB1169.  Naomi Wolf of Daily Clout is also promoting the cause.  Doctor Peter McCullough has raised awareness on the issue of genetic technologies used in veterinary medicine and the potential dangers to the food supply in recent interviews and on substack publications. 10. What can the public do about it? Stay informed and inform others by sharing this information. Additional resources on this topic are listed below.  Support lawmakers and advocacy groups pushing for transparency and blocking DNA or RNA-based biologics from entering the food supply.  Know what’s in your food and who is producing it.  Buy from producers that have pledged to never use DNA or RNA-based genetic technologies, such as The Beef Initiative.  Corey’s Digs has also published an excellent resource for finding high-quality foods as well as an incredible source for US Prime and High Choice Beef. Additional Resources: Chinese Load Cow’s Milk with mRNA Exosomes – Successfully Immunize Mice – Dr. Peter McCullough Covid Vaccines ‘Opened the Floodgates’ for New Wave of mRNA Vaccines for Livestock…

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