Trump Wins Missouri but the Election is NOT Just About Votes

Trump has been declared winner of the Missouri Caucuses. However, this doesn’t feel like news, as we all know Trump is going to win the Primary. The election doesn’t depend on the vote, it depends on election interference and fraud. Will they remove Trump from the ballot? Will they release another pathogen to implement mass mail-in voting, harvest ballots, and dump them at swing states at 3:00AM after they stopped counting?

The Deep State’s Army

For the last ten years, the CIA have been using Ukraine to build their own military force, outside the scope of US MIL and Executive control. Using taxpayer dollars, under the guise of foreign aid, the CIA turned Ukraine into a giant forward operating base on Russia’s border.

CIA Biological Presence in Ukraine

So the official MSM narrative is now that the CIA established bases in Ukraine, since 2014. In addition to the bases, CIA proxy, USAID, funded and operated biolabs in Ukraine, as part of project PREDICT, a preemptive pandemic response program, looking for animal viruses in nature, so they could then enhance the functions, and make vaccines for viruses that don’t exist yet, and might never exist.

Trump’s VP Choice

Trump is playing coy with his VP choice. The decision was made long ago, and the “short list” is political theater. Actually listen to Trump’s comments. He said it “surprises” him how historically, the VP choice has had “no impact” on who wins the general election.

MAGA’s Punching Bag

If Nikki wants to hang around and remain MAGA’s punching bag, she is more than welcome to. She is keeping Trump voters engaged during primary season, and continually proves Trump to be a far superior candidate by juxtaposition. Her very presence confirms the establishment’s desperation to keep Trump out of office. She stands zero chance of winning, and only remains in the hope that Trump gets thrown in prison or removed from the ballot.

The Modern Evil Empire

The West claim they are righteous, therefore incapable of wrongdoing. They believe they are entitled to overthrow Ukraine, create a puppet regime, and put an army on Russia’s border, all in the name of “Democracy”. Just like The Crusades, war was justified in the name of “God”, when it was really about conquest. Soldiers were given free rein to murder, pillage, and rape, under the guise that they were God’s righteous warriors, would be absolved of all sin, and granted safe passage to heaven in the afterlife.

Navalny was a Deep State Asset

Now that you’ve heard the fake outrage from the West, let’s look at the information they withheld from you. Navalny is a terrorist. He was caught planning a color revolution to overtake Russia with MI6. He’s not “political opposition”. He’s a foreign intelligence asset. A spy.

Teflon Don Strikes Again

Months ago, I filed the Fulton County situation into the “failed hoax” folder in the back of my brain. I assumed it would dissolve quietly, and the Left would move onto the next hoax. But this has taken a turn I did not see coming. Fani’s meltdown not only destroyed her case, but will permeate into the other lawfare attempts to prevent Trump from reclaiming office. Now everyone can see just how INSANE these people are who are trying to imprison the current front-runner and former POTUS…